It is the same mentality as the first 100.000 dollar.

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Here is the one thing that not mentioned by the writers who gain more than $100

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Everything starts with just one wanting.

1- Want it heartily

By the way, I am the guy that mentioned previously paragraph which…

Which price you will pay?

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Those Who Do Not Pay The Price Of Success For A While Pay The Price Of unsuccessful For A Lifetime

According to the CEO of the multi-billion dollar white goods company

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A closer look at the life of a Brilliant Creative Director

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And learn how to use your potential.

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How they do in their writings and why it’s important to use in every part of your life.

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Even if it feels like it isn’t for now.

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  • Am I not suitable for write?
  • Wonder if…

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And what to do after that time?

Alihan Yılmaz

Someone passionate about philosophical topics to find real meaning and spirit.

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