3 Essential Life Doctrines That You Should Not Let Them Control You.

If you can’t control them, you can’t really control your life.

Did you ever think about what kind of things are there in your life that have control over you?

I don’t think so.

When things took control over you, you can’t see them until they start to bother you. Some of us, even don’t care about these signals and keep going to let these things control us.

I was one of them once upon a time.

1- The terrible master but an excellent servant

When I loaned the first time on my credit card for the impressing people I don’t even know, It wasn’t bothering me. The money I loaned was not mine, but I was spending the money like it’s mine.

You know that credit card swamp, it is hard to come out once you fall in. Anyway, the swamp that I fell in was pretty good at that time. It wasn’t bothering me, even a small amount.

I was telling myself that, I will pay the minimum amount of it when the time comes.

I did. When the time has come I paid the minimum amount and then go back to the swamp.

After the years passed away, I already took my 3rd credit card with a good amount of credibility. And the swamp now was bigger than the first.

You know what? I didn’t think a once until I couldn’t unable to pay even my minimum amounts.

I was at the point where the blind man’s eyes are opened. After I examined my situation, I looked down and saw the swamp finally. After that moment, I would decide to stop crippling in the swamp and do what it should be.

It was that moment I won’t let the money control me instead I will control it.

2- They can both nourish you and help you also can stunt your growth and make you wilt and die.

In this modern society, we are living together in everywhere. We should live together to share, to create purpose, to be better for everyone.

We all need each of us. Even you don’t think like that, that is.

If you know this nature of life or let’s called it the nature of society, things become easier for you.

There is a power in unity, you cant have by yourself.

On the other hand, if you don’t this rule, or if you know and don’t apply it or the worse if you apply it wrongly then things become harder for you.

I will talk about the last one.

Because I learned it by letting some people in my life control me.

You know these people who seem humanely from the outside but terrible inside. It is not possible to immediately understand the personality of these people in their noble.

I had friends who matched with this definition. They have great manipulative techniques to control someone. I got my share too from it.

I couldn’t understand the personality behind them and let them control me.

When you let them control you, you also let them control your life. After a while, when you look where are you and who are you, you see a different person from yourself. You are becoming that friend. I became that friend.

Like I said before we all need each other. The society consists of unity. However, there will be people who likable with manipulation and control over persons. Don’t let them control you, choose the people to interact within a simplicity. Choose the people who don’t control you and choose the ones who don’t let themselves controlled by you.

Photo by v2osk on Unsplash

3- The most valuable thing you have to offer

Throughout our lives, we all have experiences somethings. Some of them are good and some are bad. Surely, we do want the good ones to make ourselves satisfied with them. Who doesn’t?

However, there is a different situation on the other side. There are bad past experiences. As it’s supposed to be, there are always good and bad. So, there are also here.

Now, let’s look at what happens when the bad things happened:

When we experience bad things, we usually think about how it was bad and although there is an option which is learning from a bad experience. Instead, we are drowning in thoughts that won’t help us.

When you drowning in thoughts, you let the past experiences control you.

There is no doubt that our past brought us to where we are today. It’s up to us to use our experiences to shape us better in the future. So, start now, to choosing the learn them rather than drowning in thoughts that won’t help you.

When you let the past experiences control you, you can’t look forward to a better future. There is the only thing to be done, you should adopt to change as a predictor of how well you do in the future.

Our life is full of meaning, just need to look for it and control it. Do not let money, people and past experiences control you.

Make the best decisions, take control of your life.

Enjoy the live meaningful life.

Someone passionate about philosophical topics to find real meaning and spirit. yilmazalihan@outlook.com

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