What I Learn From My Life Journey Until Now

It does not matter what mistakes you had in life..

If you change the way how you respond your mistakes it will change your life.

It seems that one of those cliches. Believe me it is not because I saw how it changed my life.

1. Don’t expect you take what you give

In my life I believed that being a nice and kind person is important attitude, and I believed that if I give those attitudes to people I will take the same values.

But the main point is not you take what you give. Sometimes you will take the same values, sometimes you won’t.

Instead of expect same values from them just give them. It doesn’t matter what you take.

I applied this almost every situation in my life and while I gave I did not expect.

In conclusion I was more happier :)

2. Saying NO won’t you make a bad person

If you don’t want then don’t. If you won’t be a happier after you say YES then say NO instead.

It’s not selfishly and it won’t make you bad person because of you said NO to friends,family members or anyone.

I know you have kind personality and you don’t want make sad someone so you accept the others’s almost every opinion, almost every want. But believe me this is not about being a kind or nice person and this is not about you make sad someone.

Your thoughts are a little bit wrong, actually.

So you must change it with the true one.

I know you are curious about what is the true one ? Let me explain it then.

When your best friend or your love or the family members which are the most valuable ones.. want something from you you don’t have to do that thing if you don’t want.

Because you don’t want. It is just simple. If you don’t want do, if you feel worse then don’t do it. Don’t accept it.

Do you know where to be polite and good person?

When you politely reject the people.

3. Balance is necessary for every part of life

Balance is keyword in our lives. At least, I learned it almost every situation in my life and I decided to apply this keyword to my whole life.

Balance in relationships, work even in your emotions… Shortly, every part of our lives..

So what i mean with balance is that we all have different characters.. Some of us are unaccommodating which likes hang out with their friends almost every day and make parties when the weekend comes. Some of us are workaholic, their only passion about life is their work and we can say that there is no way expect work life.

I think, you get what i mean with balance as i mentioned some examples in previously paragraph. So what i want say is that:

Although we all have different characters and have different interest we should put that balance somewhere between our priorities.

Someone passionate about philosophical topics to find real meaning and spirit. yilmazalihan@outlook.com

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