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3 Surprising Benefits of Listening Classical Music While Writing

It will protect your productivity and improve your writing habits..

Almost all of us like to listen to music while we do things. Even, sometimes we found ourselves dive into the rhythm of it. Music can’t be only a meaning of entertaining ourselves, it also helps make us more productive and creative.

Well, are all music types encourage us to be productive and creative?
There is famous one which is Classical Music.

When we thought about how being creative plays a crucial role in writing so, classical music does.

A study found that,

People who listened to classical music were more willing to share personal information about themselves in writing.

In Medium, we all know that storytelling or giving a story to readers about our own experiences contribute good returns. From here, we can say Classical Music can bring benefits to your writings.

On the other hand, According to the studies,

While classical music does not impact your IQ directly, there does seem to be a connection between music and cognition.

As you can see there are benefits of classical music to us proven by science. Now, I will talk about how we can benefit from it in our writings.

1– It helps you focus on things.

This can vary from one individual to other but one study did shows that

A group of students who listened to the class while playing classical music in the background performed better than those who did not listen to music in the background.

The study for this can be extended to anything for those who want to focus on things. When I work on something or writing just like it is now, classical music playing in the background.

From my experiences, I saw the benefits of listening to classical music in every area of my life.

Here is the other one

2- It elevates your mood.

If I had a hard day and feeling tired, I love to listen to classical music. Besides, it provides feel me better it also calms me down. When you feel relaxed and focused, who can stop you from focusing on things and get better on?

Multiple studies show that listening to music can raise dopamine levels. On the other hand, studies about listening to classical music shows, It is a valuable tool to reduce your depression.

If you thought, wow! How this can provide all? It does.

3- It increases your productivity.

You sat in your chair, open your laptop, enter the Medium and you couldn’t seem to find the motivation to complete your writing.

All of us know how we need productivity and consistency in writing. Probably, in writing, these two are the more critical ones. Well, how you find them when you are working? You should do improve your consistency or productivity with times. It is possible.

While it takes time to maintain productivity and consistency, classical music can provide you quick results on your writings.

There are studies to show the music can increases the efficiency and accuracy of the things that you work on it.

Listening to classical music is a great way to find motivation and consistency in your writings.


Regardless of interest in classical music, give it a chance and play once in the background while writing or working. I am sure that the results will surprise you.

Here is a small note which you might want to know, while I write this I was listening to Mozart.

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