4 signs you’re good on your way.

Even it doesn’t feel like it.

Are you doing what do you want to do or what other people expect you to do?

I know you heard lots of things about those traditional successful requirements.

Lets look:

  • You must wake up at 04.00 am everyday.
  • You must quit your job to start your own job.
  • You must really hard work on getting that big fancy home/car.
  • There must be always influential and badass people around you.

So, if I don’t or you don’t do these, then we will be looking unsuccessful and couldn’t influence the people even that we don’t know.

Who cares?

Look, I want to give an example from starting a new business cliche.

Who cares the people, if you are happy with your 9–5 job. If you choose to give your free time to your family and children, and of course yourself. Who cares? Are they know how difficult and stressful start a new business? I don’t think so.

Every person has it’s unique characteristics. Some of us are creative, hardworking entrepreneurs, obsessed with their works. Some of us more flexible, enjoy relaxing and calm jobs to create more time for themselves and for the loved ones.

Like this example, you are not bound for those traditional successful requirements, you are more than that.

I don’t tell you sleep morning and get up in the evenings. I tell you, you don’t have to apply those requirements to your life directly. If you don’t apply those, it doesn’t mean you’re unsuccessful or you’re not on your way.

Instead, learn yourself, understand your character and apply the best for yourself. After that, you will see real success, satisfaction and the best for yourself.

Don’t obsess with those cliches to define success.

I will show the 5 signs that you’re good in your own way and you’re capable to create your own success regardless of the classic success requirements.

1- You know your own characteristics

You should first know about your specific values and yourself for full satisfaction.

When you know your values, you will impress yourself instead of others.

So if there is a person who impresses their own, then it means he is in a good way.

Think about it, you are a person who should sleep at least 9 hours for doing things efficiently. If you feel good in that way and if it provides you more success at the end of the day, who cares that you have only 24 hours and you mustn’t sleep 9 hours in a day cliche.

You’re good on your way.

2- You don’t care what other people think

You won’t have to prove somethings about you, yourself, your activity, your life. When you truly understand between the what true opinion and the other bullshit opinion then you reach the exactly good point in your life.

If the control of your own life is in your hands and if you don’t care what others think about you then,

You’re good on your way.

3- Accepting what you can’t change and change what you can

Taking responsibility for what you can changing the things you don’t like about your life is the real indicator of success.

On the other hand, If you usually face struggles for what you can’t change, then this is the thing that you stop.

So, know the differences between those and enjoy the success of life.

If you know this already then,

You’re good on your way

4- You know the failure is a necessity for the success

You know only people who never fail are those who don’t try.

You should use every failure as an opportunity to learn from it and then move on it.

Mistakes are the best indicators in success way but if you fall in a failure trap and don’t take a lesson from them then you can’t find a true way.

In these frustrating times, If you can see the big picture to solve the failures, then,

You’re good on your way

Don’t forget!

Real success comes from inside and it’s completely independent of circumstances.

Someone passionate about philosophical topics to find real meaning and spirit. yilmazalihan@outlook.com

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