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Well, I didn’t guess that I will write about earning money from Etsy but here I am. I earned money from Etsy and it happened with almost zero effort. Let’s go dive into how it happened.

I was interested to making few bucks from internet. At the first times, I…

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You are here for earn money, right? At least, this is the top reason. I finally broke the chain as I wrote under the $10 for months. How I did? With the help of small mindset changes.

Firstly let me tell you my early life:

I was new graduated from…

Thanks to Cytonn Photography @cytonn_photography for making this photo available freely on Unsplash 🎁

I was at my 19 when I understand the importance of building natural trust. At that time, I had built this even without being aware of it. My trustworthy was coming from inborn, I guess. People who I had been relationship for a long time usually had to say to…

photo by perasinema

Donald Draper is probably one of the best advertising geniuses of his time.

This fictional character, famous for its charisma and genius, is a character that captivates the audience with its smart and creative ideas presented to its customers in the Sterling Cooper advertising company.

Although this fiction affects people…

Alihan Yılmaz

Someone passionate about philosophical topics to find real meaning and spirit.

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