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Should I talk about the unrealistic and imaginary subjects instead of talking about facts that are not told in the entrepreneurship process?

I don’t think so.

I don’t tell you about the things you want to hear.

I won’t sell you a dream in this article instead I will mention the unspoken truths from both my own experiences and the others which can disappoint you.

So, if you are not interested in this do not keep up with it.

If you say ‘okay tell me more’ then here we are beginning.

What is this entrepreneurship and what isn’t?

the activity of setting up a business or businesses…

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Here is the entrepreneurship. 16 hours! For 7 months and without stopping even one day. Please do not confuse! It is not the kind of desk job in which you are sitting on your couch and taking on your laptop and work 9 – 5 remote.

It is kind of terrible thing that you could give damage to both the body and mental. Depression and anxiety for the mental side. Lower and back pain for the body side.

I know you are curious about what is the job that I do.

I would reply with one of these trendy, cool…

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Well, I didn’t guess that I will write about earning money from Etsy but here I am. I earned money from Etsy and it happened with almost zero effort. Let’s go dive into how it happened.

I was interested to making few bucks from internet. At the first times, I was researching about which platform should I choose and which products should I sell.

Firstly, I started with Shopify. I created my brand and then chosen the products which I thought sell. Everything was going good. …

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When I first began to writing in Medium, I was thought that I will write some pieces of stories and then bum! Thousands of views.

It didn’t happen that way, surely. Obviously, there should have been more pieces. Dozens. Maybe more.

I don’t know maybe your first story made ten thousand of views in here. I think these kinds of things may be but its something like probability of 1%. Called “viral.”

And the remaining 99% could not go to be viral. It is connected with chance. In here, we won’t leave our business to that 1% of probability. …

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You are here for earn money, right? At least, this is the top reason. I finally broke the chain as I wrote under the $10 for months. How I did? With the help of small mindset changes.

Firstly let me tell you my early life:

I was new graduated from business college and my head was full of complicated thoughts about what will I do to gain my life?

Business schools teach you how you market yourself, how you sell product, how manage the employees etc..

They don’t teach you how you land a job, how you create a business…

You know, I mean the real wanting. Big things or in other words, meaningful stories always firstly begin with wanting it.

At least, I experienced with this way.

Here is the AWI process:

1- Want it heartily

Let’s say you are smoker for 8 years.. You know the damages of it to the health or you know the moneys that take from you. Even though you know all the negative effects of cigarettes you are still keep going to smoke.

Knowing can not define the whole situation. You should wanting the unsmoked.

By the way, I am the guy that mentioned previously paragraph which…

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I was sitting on a couch with my phone and scrolling on instagram. Through lots of fancy and cool photos I saw a video. A guy who experienced with in Life Coach says in his video this:

Those Who Do Not Pay The Price Of Success For A While Pay The Price Of unsuccessful For A Lifetime

How a meaningful quote.

Things that defines success are actually known to all. What are them? able to have a self-discipline, able to hard-working, able to cop with struggles, able to create and build something and able to patience.

All of these are…

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I was at my 19 when I understand the importance of building natural trust. At that time, I had built this even without being aware of it. My trustworthy was coming from inborn, I guess. People who I had been relationship for a long time usually had to say to me ‘ You have natural, sincere personality.’ which I had heard those similar sentences plenty of times in my life.

As someone who embraces integrity and reliability as a principle, I thought that every person other than myself was like me. It must be the purity of youth. As time…

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Donald Draper is probably one of the best advertising geniuses of his time.

This fictional character, famous for its charisma and genius, is a character that captivates the audience with its smart and creative ideas presented to its customers in the Sterling Cooper advertising company.

Although this fiction affects people with his character intelligence and charisma, he also had a suspicious side with his solitary and dark side.

However, in my article, I will talk about how we can make use of Don’s genius in marketing rather than this dark side.

Although the series took place in the 1960s in…

Have you ever been embarrassed or offended by having an introvert personality?

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Anyone who has not explored himself may tend to be ashamed of his characteristics, as I am as it once was.

The discovery of yourself is an endless process of living a good life and if you don’t know yourself enough, you begin to be like people around you, instead of being yourself.

Luckily, no matter how late, the discover path is endless. …

Alihan Yılmaz

Someone passionate about philosophical topics to find real meaning and spirit.

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