Everything starts with just one wanting.

You know, I mean the real wanting. Big things or in other words, meaningful stories always firstly begin with wanting it.

At least, I experienced with this way.

Here is the AWI process:

1- Want it heartily

Let’s say you are smoker for 8 years.. You know the damages of it to the health or you know the moneys that take from you. Even though you know all the negative effects of cigarettes you are still keep going to smoke.

Knowing can not define the whole situation. You should wanting the unsmoked.

By the way, I am the guy that mentioned previously paragraph which…

Which price you will pay?

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I was sitting on a couch with my phone and scrolling on instagram. Through lots of fancy and cool photos I saw a video. A guy who experienced with in Life Coach says in his video this:

Those Who Do Not Pay The Price Of Success For A While Pay The Price Of unsuccessful For A Lifetime

How a meaningful quote.

Things that defines success are actually known to all. What are them? able to have a self-discipline, able to hard-working, able to cop with struggles, able to create and build something and able to patience.

All of these are…

According to the CEO of the multi-billion dollar white goods company

Thanks to Cytonn Photography @cytonn_photography for making this photo available freely on Unsplash 🎁 https://unsplash.com/photos/n95VMLxqM2I

I was at my 19 when I understand the importance of building natural trust. At that time, I had built this even without being aware of it. My trustworthy was coming from inborn, I guess. People who I had been relationship for a long time usually had to say to me ‘ You have natural, sincere personality.’ which I had heard those similar sentences plenty of times in my life.

As someone who embraces integrity and reliability as a principle, I thought that every person other than myself was like me. It must be the purity of youth. As time…

A closer look at the life of a Brilliant Creative Director

photo by perasinema

Donald Draper is probably one of the best advertising geniuses of his time.

This fictional character, famous for its charisma and genius, is a character that captivates the audience with its smart and creative ideas presented to its customers in the Sterling Cooper advertising company.

Although this fiction affects people with his character intelligence and charisma, he also had a suspicious side with his solitary and dark side.

However, in my article, I will talk about how we can make use of Don’s genius in marketing rather than this dark side.

Although the series took place in the 1960s in…

And learn how to use your potential.

Have you ever been embarrassed or offended by having an introvert personality?

Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

Anyone who has not explored himself may tend to be ashamed of his characteristics, as I am as it once was.

The discovery of yourself is an endless process of living a good life and if you don’t know yourself enough, you begin to be like people around you, instead of being yourself.

Luckily, no matter how late, the discover path is endless. …

How they do in their writings and why it’s important to use in every part of your life.

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Marketing yourself. Sounds a little bit weird but you,me and almost everyone doing this consciously or not. In the business life, marketing your product or marketing your company is crucial. What about marketing your own life?

When you read Medium, you see lots of stories about author’s point of view. Do you think, they just write for tell their life stories? Are they writing about their life only to relax themselves? Actually, no.

They market their lives. Kind of creating personal brand. When you read some of your favourite authors you know what he or she had live in the…

Even if it feels like it isn’t for now.

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Why are you here? To inspire people or to make some money? Maybe both or you are here just to satisfy your feelings. I do not know but I know that you are here to be a Medium writer. Period!

There are thousands of posts about it. I mean about being a writer. You read hundreds of them but think that it doesn’t work anymore. Maybe you fall into an inexhaustible pessimism.

Common thoughts after 1 or 2 weeks come to your mind as the other persons after you begin to write.

  • Am I not suitable for write?
  • Wonder if…

Photo by Ralf Skirr on Unsplash

And what to do after that time?

Life has included both good and bad and everyone wants to live only good ones. Period! How about the bad ones? Are bad things only a bad or are they leverage to make our feelings better in the long term?

The second one is the truth. I know everyone says something’s about it “You must face with struggles to be happy” or “If you do not fail, you can’t be success” or “ If you do not live the bad how you understand the meanings of good ?” etc…

When I think about my life I realized that the things…

Here are the 4 things for how you respond to these expects.

Photo by jaikishan patel on Unsplash

Life is a journey which has different paths in every part of it. Some of those paths seem easy to complete, some of them seem difficult. The importance isn’t about paths difficult or easy. The importance is every path and every next level of your life will demand a different you.

In this life journey, there will be times which struggle you and times which provide easiness to you. It is the nature of life. …

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And it is possible to be a principle person with patience and self-discipline

How many of you thought that You are a principled person? Or let me ask another question. What does principle mean for you?

A principle simply is a kind of rule, belief, or idea that guides you. From my perspective, principle is one of the most important thing to one person should have.

It might come difficult and bad when heard first, especially for those who usually do not like be guided or ruled someone or something.

I am saying that If you understand how it works and how you can build your own principles, you will see achieving the…

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