How Your Priorities Can Shape Your Life?

And how you can decide your priorities to shape your life..

Don’t blame the life because of it is not fair to you. Don’t say “I am not lucky enough.” Before blaming the life, know your priorities and most importantly, choose your priorities..

When some bad things happened in my life, Firstly, I think “Where was my fault” and “ What was my priority in this situation”

Important point is that you shouldn’t both blame life and yourself instead you should examine the situation and focus the optimal solution.

You can reach the optimal solution with giving your priority to things which they give you maximum benefit.

For instance, you like partying with friends; drinking, have a pretty long talking about your lives etc..

It’s necessary for all of us actually. We all love long talking with our best friend but it must be under control like everything else.

If you choose this like a lifestyle: hanging out with friends almost everyday, drinking all week.. Then do not blame the life because of why I am here where I can live a better life..

Because you gave your priority to drinking, long talkings with your friends. You can not blame the life or your friends. It is all about you and your choices.

Like most of us doing, if you do not take a responsibility of your choices and not knowing your priorities it will be turn the same vicious circle..

Friends and hangout example in previously mentioned. It was just one of bad priorities there are more..

For instance, if you watching 60 minutes Netflix and say “ Time flies, let’s watch another” instead of “ I must focus on my health” for 60 minutes at the gym.

That means you gave your priority to entertainment. Now, do not expect being a healthy and looking-good person with watching a Netflix.

The examples list can goes on..

You should understand that what you prioritise will dictate what your life looks like..

So, Where will you be in 5 years?

Someone passionate about philosophical topics to find real meaning and spirit.

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