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Just as Bilbo Discovered Himself in His Adventure, I Discovered Myself While Writing

An Amazing Adventure that helps me discover myself.

Hobbit: You! Mr. Bilbo where’re you off to?

Bilbo Baggins:I’m already late.

Hobbit: Late for what?

Bilbo Baggins: I’m going on an adventure.

I can tell about my situation from Bilbo’s perspective. As he says: I’m going on an adventure.

A little bit different from Bilbo’s but the lesson is the same.

Bilbo Baggins, the main character of the Hobbit movie, is a stubborn hobbit with a fixed mindset that doesn’t go out of the comfort zone in his cute little house.

This hobbit, who is extremely satisfied with the comfort of his small and sweet home, enjoys sitting and smoking his pipe, and enjoys calm, has no reason to embark on an adventure. But one night, unexpected guests come to his house suddenly.

If you’ve watched the movie before, you know who’s coming. If you don’t know, those who came were those dwarfs above.

Surely, Bilbo didn’t a warm welcome to unexpected guests but he had to get them in. An adventure’s beginning was happened in this manner.

These dwarves, who have the opposite of Bilbo’s lifestyle would have somehow impressed the Bilbo who initially rejected this adventure offer, then threw himself into this adventure.

Well, my writing adventure beginning similar to Bilbo’s story. In 2019, I discovered the Medium as a reader. I loved the stories that tell something different from the others.

While I was reading stories in Medium, I was like a Bilbo who loves calm and comfort. I was scrolling all day among social media, watching ridiculous videos…

Like the dwarves who come to Bilbo’s house suddenly, the ideas come to my mind at that time.

Once I was reading a book about self-improvement, I saw a section describing the benefits of journaling. At first, it seemed to me cliché but afterward, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try.

It made me write my first post on medium in a very short time.

It was amateur but who can write professionally for the first time?

I wrote about my feelings about how it provides me to gain my inner peace.

Although it provided me inner peace, I couldn’t go on to write.

While I hadn’t started writing literally, I had quit. Afterward, I mean in this February, I thought to write again consistently. From 9 February until this day, I wrote almost every day.

Writing provided both my inner peace and an opportunity to become a writer.

Although I am a real amateur, I considered converting this experience to an adventure like the Bilbo’s.

I know those who watched the movie know how Bilbo Baggins do great things in their adventure.

For those who didn’t watch, Bilbo played a very important role in this adventure with the dwarves that will change their fate and help their adventures achieve their goals.

Besides, he found something that changed the destiny of the middle earth in his adventure.

I don’t know where my fate will take me, maybe I might not find anything to change the fate of medium. But I am sure that this journey I took will allow me to rediscover myself like Bilbo’s.

By the way, this note for those who didn’t watch:

Don’t forget to watch the adventure of Bilbo and explore the middle earth.

For those who already watched:

Someone passionate about philosophical topics to find real meaning and spirit.

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