Market Yourself and Achieve Success Like Other Well-Known Writers Do

How they do in their writings and why it’s important to use in every part of your life.

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Marketing yourself. Sounds a little bit weird but you,me and almost everyone doing this consciously or not. In the business life, marketing your product or marketing your company is crucial. What about marketing your own life?

When you read Medium, you see lots of stories about author’s point of view. Do you think, they just write for tell their life stories? Are they writing about their life only to relax themselves? Actually, no.

They market their lives. Kind of creating personal brand. When you read some of your favourite authors you know what he or she had live in the background. He has lived in a poor family, struggled much, first he was unsuccesful then he did not give up and continued so he finally reach to succeed.

Most of the posts you read on this platfrom are similiar with one another. Ever curious about that? Why? Because they market their lives. Whether it is true or not, the author gives examples from his own life and conveys that this is something that has happened and that you can be inspired and apply it in your own life.

To convince the reader, the situation may be exaggerated. Maybe a story that might seem extravagant to you was actually experienced by that author. We do not know this, but what we do know is that we love these articles where we find examples from our own lives.

These stories that we love and find something from our lives are the stories that shows well-applied marketing. Maybe you think: Shit! How?

They do this using emotions. For instance, a successful writer has more than bla bla million views who inspire you. You read dozens of articles from him. Even 1 piece of an emotional story can change your perspective about that author.

You are knowing him like your best friend because he gets inside you by talking about his own life in his story.

You believed his story and, an emotional attraction started between you and the writer.

After this, you will accept whatever comes from the author. For instance, you know a writer who experienced in business but he also writes about humans, well-being, mental health, etc…

Do you think he is experienced in everything? No, but because he told the life story of his own life, he created an invisible connection with you.

After the connection is created, whatever he or she wrote you will like or approve whether it’s related to his field or not.

We call it self-marketing. And instead of marketing a product or company, marketing yourself is always a better choice.

You won the customer, not your company. You take the reader, not publication. It seems selfish to you but it is a fact.

From now on, I advise you to sprinkle a little bit of your own life story into your writings. Tell yourself a little bit more. You will create your loyal audience and they usually accept whether your sayings are true or not.

And the most awesome part is marketing yourself is not only for here in Medium. If you apply it in every area of your life you will see the benefit.

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